2019 ENERGY STAR certifications resume

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  • July 18, 2019
  • Margaret McPhillips
2019 ENERGY STAR certifications resume

2019 ENERGY STAR building certification availability resumes

As was covered in an earlier blog post, the EPA suspended ENERGY STAR certifications in September 2018 for all property types impacted by the scoring update released in August 2018 (excluding multifamily, data centers, hospitals, senior care, manufacturing facilities, and properties in Canada).

During the review period, the EPA further analyzed the results of the August score change and gathered feedback to determine if changes were needed to accurately reflect energy performance of properties. The EPA conducted these reviews on a rolling basis and has now completed the review for all impacted building types.

The results of the EPA’s review

The EPA had already reinstated ENERGY STAR certifications for hotels, houses of worship, K-12 Schools, and warehouses in May 2019. The retail space type (including retail store, supermarkets and wholesale club/supercenters) will be able to apply for certifications starting July 31st, 2019. There will be no changes to the scoring models for these property types.

The scoring model for the office space type (including offices, bank branch, financial office and courthouses) will change. During the review period, the EPA received valuable feedback from users that helped them conclude that heating degree days (HDD), which was excluded from model in the August 2018 update, should be included in the scoring method. This adjustment should result in more reasonable scores across all regions and climates.

Updated ENERGY STAR scores will be available on Monday, July 22nd. At this time, scores may increase for office properties in colder climates and the EPA is stating that no buildings will experience decreases in scores. The re-introduction of HDD is the only change being made to the scoring model and ENERGY STAR certification for office properties will resume on Wednesday, July 31st.

What does this mean for you?

For office properties, especially those in colder climates, you may see an improved ENERGY STAR score when viewing the profile beginning July 22nd. This will be an automatic change through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and there is nothing you need to do to ensure your scores are updated. You can download your current office score before July 21st if you are interested in tracking changes by going to the MyPortfolio tab and clicking “Download your entire Portfolio to Excel”. Goby will also be keeping a record of pre-July 22nd scores and will make this available to you in the platform and upon request.

The deadline for ENERGY STAR award submissions this year has been extended to December 31st, 2019

Schedule of updates for office properties:

  • July 15th EPA published review period findings
  • July 21st ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager down
  • July 22nd Revised scores are live in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
  • July 31st Certification re-opens for office properties
  • December 31st Submission deadline for all ENERGY STAR certifications

Margaret McPhillips

Margaret joined Goby in August 2017 as an Energy Analyst. In her role, Margaret supports clients' efforts to earn ENERGY STAR certifications & awards and helps ensure compliance with utility benchmarking ordinances.

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