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We turn big data into big opportunities

Goby's mission is to amplify AP and ESG performance with approachable technology.

Based in the cloud. Grounded in performance.

We were founded with a clear vision: to maximize the value of our users’ enterprises with the power of analytics, automation, and sustainability best practices. We are focused on supporting organizations in achieving dramatic financial and environmental results through a pragmatic and disciplined approach.

Goby’s executive team is led by Helee Lev and Ryan Nelson. Their backgrounds bring together management, consulting, and world-class technology.

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About Goby: Creativity - Lose the Fear of Being Wrong


Lose the fear of being wrong

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Deliver what you promise

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Follow the platinum rule

What’s in a Name?

Goby was named after the goby fish, adaptable creatures who thrive by building mutually beneficial relationships within their environment. These symbiotic relationships are a direct reflection of what Goby aims to achieve.

Pleasure in a job puts perfection in the work.


The people at Goby are smart, creative, and mission-driven. We are united by a common goal to transform the commercial real estate, sustainability, and accounts payable landscapes with analytics that drive better business decisions.


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