Goby and Energy Advantage partner to offer energy optimization and dramatic cost reduction

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  • May 1, 2019
  • Danna Hileli
Goby and Energy Advantage partner to offer energy optimization and dramatic cost reduction

Goby and Energy Advantage form strategic partnership to combine powerful energy optimization tools and strategies

Goby recently partnered with Energy Advantage, an energy and sustainability (E&S) program management services firm headquartered in Ontario, Canada, in order to combine robust data capture, analysis capabilities, and AP automation with a unique systematic approach to reducing energy, water, waste consumption and related maintenance costs. This partnership will provide best-in-class E&S programs that leverage and combine a powerful cloud-based software suite and methodical approaches for utility reductions, cost savings, and optimized ESG reporting.

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Goby’s automated solutions allow data acquisition to be 100% hands-off for its clients, eliminating the need for scanning, saving, and forwarding of paper invoices. They are a recognized market leader for its sustainability reporting solutions. For the past six years, Goby has been named by the EPA as an ENERGY STAR Partner of the year, the past 4 years with Sustained Excellence.

Energy Advantage serves a full range of commercial sectors including real estate, retail, cinema, hotels, senior care and restaurants. As a trusted and fully independent partner, Energy Advantage’s energy & sustainability program service systematically selects from the broadest set of E&S options available the right measures in the right order with the right suppliers at speed to help its clients achieve materially beneficial results in cost savings, occupant well-being, risk management and brand enhancement using minimum capital and in the shortest time possible.

Danna Hileli

Danna is the VP of Marketing at Goby. She is responsible for development and execution Goby's multichannel marketing strategy including both digital and traditional tactics, focused on long-term sustainable growth.

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