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2019 GRESB Results & Emerging Trends for ESG Reporting

View our webinar recounting success stories & reviewing the results of the 2019 GRESB reporting season!

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2020 vision into the future of the GRESB framework

View our webinar recording of GRESB and Goby explaining important updates to the GRESB Assessments that are coming in 2020 and answering questions about GRESB.

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4 Ways Automating Utility Bill Processing Reduces Cost & Spending

Download this white paper to learn how automated processing of your utility bill processing can significantly cut your cost and spending.

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A Practical Guide to ENERGY STAR Excellence

Learn some best practices for optimizing your portfolio’s performance and strategies to ensure you’re reporting at your best.

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Actionable ESG: Turning Insights into Results

Gain insight into the 2017 GRESB results and learn some strategies & best practices for GRESB performance optimization for the 2018 season.

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Benchmark With the Best of Them

Do you need to comply with a benchmarking ordinance? Download our best practice guide for simplified compliance, reporting, and transparency.

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Benefits of Strategic E&S Management

Join Energy Advantage and Goby as we review how organizations have more opportunities than ever to capture material results from energy & sustainability (E&S) management.

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Beyond Mandatory Benchmarking

Watch this webinar hosted by BOMA, Goby, GreenSoil, and GRESB to learn about required benchmarking in Ontario, the benefits of compliance, and strategies for fully utilizing your data.

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ESG in CRE: Making the Business Case for Sustainability

Goby is incredibly proud to present this comprehensive guide to identifying, defining, and defending the business case for sustainability.

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Goby’s Hospitality Suite

Hospitality properties are unique in their operational needs and performance metrics. Learn why Goby’s solutions are a perfect fit for your hospitality portfolio.

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GRESB 101 Webinar

Start Early and Outperform Your Peers! Learn how early GRESB submission can improve your bottom line.

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GRESB Reporting Done Right

Learn from Goby, GRESB, and EnerNOC about how GRESB is growing in the commercial real estate world and how to turn sustainability success into investor value.

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GRESB Strategic Disclosure & Improved Performance

Dan Winters and Helee Lev discuss the results of GRESB in 2017, some recent updates to the GRESB framework, and best practices for the 2018 reporting season.

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Hospitality Case Study

Learn how Loews Hotels increased their asset value through use of Goby’s powerful, cloud-based platform.

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IMT & Goby – Energy Benchmarking Webinar

Energy benchmarking is gaining popularity in CRE. Learn more about the benefits and processes of it in this webinar by Goby and IMT.

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Incorporating ESG into investment strategy

Learn how incorporating practices into your investment strategies & operations can drive performance, attract investors, and increase NOI.

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Intro to Fitwel & Reporting Best Practices

View our introduction to Fitwel as we review the certification process, the scoring process, various strategies you can utilize to maximize your performance, and introduce the newest version of Fitwel, v2.1.

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Introduction to SASB Webinar

Explore how SASB can bring focus to your corporate sustainability efforts in a cost-effective, decisive way.

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Leveraging Data to Achieve GRESB Greatness

Watch our webinar for actionable best practices & strategic opportunities to leverage your data and elevate your GRESB performance.

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Making the Business Case for ESG

Goby & Ventas present this webinar about identifying, defining, and defending the business case for sustainability in today’s environment.

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Ready, Set, GRESB

Download our best practice guide for strategic GRESB reporting and turn your ESG insights into actionable results.

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Strategies for Increasing ENERGY STAR Ratings

Watch this webinar recording of Goby & Evolution Energy Partners discussing useful strategies and best practices for improving your property’s ENERGY STAR rating.

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Targeted Reductions: Minimizing Emissions with Science-Based Targets

Navigant and Goby introduce Science-Based Targets and explain the benefits, advantages, and potential ROI of implementing them within your sustainability strategy.

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Utility Benchmarking in Senior Living

Goby & RE Tech discuss the benefits of utility benchmarking, compliance with disclosure requirements, and the EPA’s free tool, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

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Utility Bill Auditing

Did you know that Goby can audit and optimize your utility bills and tariffs? Learn more about our on demand, subscription-based services here.

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Utility Bill Automation – Why you need it today

In this video, Michelle Winters, VP of Solutions at Goby, explains some of the biggest challenges of utility management and how automating utility payments can make a world of difference.

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Utility Bill Management Best Practices

Download our best practice guide for streamlining and optimizing your utility bill & invoice management strategies.

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Zeller Testimonial Video

Watch and listen as Zeller talks about their relationship with Goby.

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Zero Waste Infographic

What is Zero Waste? Download our infographic for insights into the benefits and opportunities made available through waste reduction and environmental impact awareness.

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